About us

Welcome to FMP360, the Collaboration Consultancy that acts as the Relationship Bridge.

We are an independent and objective collaboration consultancy committed to facilitating strategic outcomes and continuous improvements. Our evidence-based measurement solution uses dynamic management information to improve service performance and cost savings where they are most needed, ensuring better strategic alignment between two or more parties.

FMP360 is inspired by the tried, test and proven HR360 feedback process. Our solution brings transparency and robust measurement to the multiple, complex relationships that exist in a service environment.

Fundamental to our work is the philosophy that a relationship between an organisation and its service partners will only succeed by aligning service provision with the organisation’s corporate strategy and needs.

To reach these outcomes, our solution identifies the wide array of perceptions inherent in any business partnership and reveals the true status of the relationship. Our consultants analyse the findings from the report and then facilitate agreed action plans for continuous improvement.

FMP360 uses bespoke and fully customisable software. Our experienced consultants can provide training programmes that run alongside this solution or be used as standalone activities either before or during the process.

We Facilitate, Measure and Perform.