Performance on FM contracts is still not measured effectively in too many cases. In some cases, there is no effective measurement at all!  SLAs and KPIs can work well – but how often do they measure the factors that really matter to the organisation?  How often do they lead, in reality, to an adversarial relationship, one of dissatisfaction by both client and provider, ultimately leading to re-tendering of those contracts?

Research from both the BIFM and independent specialists has found that trust and confidence levels in FM are frequently lower than in the other professional services - often by a significant margin. FMP360 works to address this problem, ensuring better understanding and reporting on the progress being achieved.

In order to focus both the client team and the service delivery team on working together to support the organisation they serve, the process relies on identifying critical success factors – the factors that will drive efficiencies in both cost and quality of service.

These can be changed each quarter, allowing for real-time alignment with what is happening in the business. There may be a merger planned, or perhaps a big move is imminent. Maybe profits are down and a strategic drive to reduce costs has been announced. Perhaps your thinking of re-tendering or looking at a new FM model, but would rather evaluate if you can’t improve upon the existing relationships that exist, without the cost of retendering and the risk to business continuity, as any new contract and service delivery requires time to be operationally optimised. Whatever is hot news in the Boardroom can be addressed - ensuring a strategic approach to service delivery, rather than a focus on business-as-usual standards.

This is a revolution in measurement, rather than evolution. Dynamic measurement rather than reliance on the contractual SLA’s and KPI’s is addressing the collaboration and trust agenda being debated throughout the FM industry and the profession.

FMP360’s bespoke software ensures the process is simple and easy to follow, yet highly effective.

We can help clients or their service providers at every stage of their FM journey - whether you are in-house, just entering into a new contract, mid-way through or coming to the end and planning the next step.