To ensure our clients receive full value from FMP360, clients are provided a package cost, which comprises of three elements in the first year:

A one off set-up fee to use the system, an annual fee which includes the costs of each quarter’s surveys and the reports produced, and the consultancy, which in the first year consists of around ten days of consultants time.

Subsequent years incur an annual fee and ususally require far less consultants time, usually around four days, dependent on the clients requirements.

The consultancy is an integrated part of the process, which is necessary for us to act as the relationship bridge and get the most out of the process and system deployed. The consultant will work with you and your team to ensure that the business imperatives are captured, monitored, reported and that all the stakeholders are kept fully informed and appraised and working towards a oneteam approach.

We would be delighted to explain the stages of the process and exactly what is involved, required and expected from all stakeholders involved.