At the heart of the process is the recognition that the behaviours and actions of the client have a profound affect on the success of the service providers’ ability to deliver quality performance. The process works irrespective of business models deployed or whether the services are outsourced or delivered in-house.

Using the FMP360 process, both parties measure each other’s performance each quarter. The results form the basis of a commitment matrix that works to better align their behaviours and contributions to the topline goals of customer service at the strategic level (the organisation), the business level (departments and/or teams) and the productivity level (the staff of the organisation).

The outcome of this carefully tailored process is improved collaboration between client and service provider - and an enhanced service for the staff and customers of the organisation.

FMP360 software has been specifically developed to make this a simple system to implement, and it can be fed into a balanced scorecard for a risk and reward element which can also incorporate high-level KPIs. FMP360 is entirely compatible with all other metrics used in contract management – in fact, it is complementary and adds significantly to both performance measurement and reporting.

FMP360 utilises a consultancy-led approach. A member of our team acts as a Facilitator, ensuring alignment through mediation, monitoring, assessment and suggestions.