The FMP360 Collaboration agreement

• Both parties agree to work in a non-adversarial relationship.
• Both parties agree to work towards this approach happening at all levels.
• Both parties recognise that their respective obligations are different as one is providinga service and the other paying for it.
• Both parties recognise the benefits of working together towards common and individual goals agreed at the outset and modified by mutual consent over time.
• Both parties agree an escalation process to resolve issues.
• Both parties agree to work towards a business relationship which combines trust and understanding with control processes agreed.
• Both parties will be honest and open in all their dealings acknowledging their mistakes and sharing business limitations which affect resolution of an issue.
• Both parties will use both formal and informal approaches to ensure confidentialities are respected.
• Both parties express a belief that ALL issues have a solution which can be reached by negotiation in good faith within the ethical values of both companies.
• Both parties work together to ensure their staff understand the FMP360 performance measurement concept and demonstrate appropriatebehaviours in their dealings with each other.
• Both parties recognise that the FMP360 performance measurement process will require time and considerable effort to bring about real benefits and are committed to that investment from the onset.